José F. A. Oliver

José F. A. Oliver is an author, translator, educator, and literary organizer and advocate. He is the co-founder and co-organizer of the literary festival Hausacher LeseLenz. He has published numerous award-winning volumes of translingual essays and poetry, as well as pedagogical non-fiction on the use of literature and translation in education. His collections include Auf-Bruch [dePARTure] (1987), Gastling [Guestito] (1993), Mein andalusisches Schwarzwalddorf [My Andalusian Black Forest Village] (2007), and 21 Gedichte aus Istanbul 4 Briefe & 10 Fotow:orte [21 Poems from Istanbul, 4 Letters, & 10 Photowor(l)ds] (2016). His most recent publication, zum Bleiben, wie zum Wandern – Hölderlin, theurer Freund [To Tarry, as to Wander—Hölderlin, Dear Friend] (with poet Mikael Vogel) was published in March 2020. Oliver lives and writes in Hausach, Germany.


Portrait photo © Privatarchiv Oliver

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