Zairong Xiang

I spend most of my time thinking and writing about the myriad ways in which the world has been understood and represented in different cultures, literatures, religions, and times. This interest has encouraged and helped me to move around in the past decade: I have spent some considerable times in China, England, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and Germany. As a scholar, my research intersects feminisms and queer theories, literary and visual studies in their decolonial variants in Spanish, English, Chinese, French, and Nahuatl. I am strongly committed to the decolonization of knowledge through transregional, transhistorical, transdisciplinary and translingual dialogue, learning and experimentation.

I express the many of my ideas in writing, talking and recently also in curating. My written words have appeared in scholarly, artistic and journalistic milieu on topics such as yin-yang, transgender, feminist theology, camp, the darkroom, translation, de/coloniality, Pedro Almodóvar, and the toilet. I have given a lot of public talks in the past few years, some of them can be read here. I was the chief curator of the “minor cosmopolitan weekend” a three-day event consisting of lectures, films, installations, performances, and two dance parties last december (2018) at at the HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, a catalogue is forthcoming.

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