Andreja Dugandžić

Andreja Dugandžić lives and works in Sarajevo and is programme officer at CRVENA Association of Culture and Art. She manages the Online Archive of the antifascist struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia and is involved in the conceptualisation and production of various feminist, art, and cultural contents and programmes. She is one of the editors of “The Lost Revolution: Women’s Antifascist Front Between Myth and Forgetting” (Sarajevo, 2016). For over 15 years, Andreja has been engaged in different feminist collectives and collaborations, as a cultural worker, producer, activist and artist. Her art work is developed through collage, performance, writing and sound. Exploring mundane and daily domestic life, she is concerned with the wider socio–cultural and gendered dimensions of food, cooking, household labour and its economics. She was a member of the legendary feminist band Starke and also part of the music project Black Water and Her Daughter.