The Living and the Dead Ensemble

The Living and the Dead Ensemble is a group of artists, performers and poets from Haiti, France and from the United Kingdom, initially formed in Port-au-Prince in 2017, aiming to create a performance in creole based on the play Monsieur Toussaint by Edouard Glissant. This first experience will give rise to a film, “Ouvertures”. Presented this year at the Berlinale, this feature film imagines the return of the spectre of the Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture in today’s Port-au-Prince. In this new project, Port-au-Prince becomes the dreamlike echo chamber where the worlds on fire during the global crisis are formed and interact.
“Qui a connu le feu” is the outcome of the first collective work stage aimed at creating a new film as well as a performance-installation, “The Wake”. The Living and the Dead Ensemble currently consists of: Mackenson Bijou, Rossi Jacques Casimir, Dieuvela Cherestal, James Desiris, Louis Henderson, Léonard Jean Baptiste, Cynthia Maignan, Sophonie Maignan, Olivier Marboeuf, Mimétik Nèg.

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