Ana Vaz

Ana Vaz’s (1986, Brasília) critical and speculative filmography is underpinned by experimental collages of images and sounds, discovered and produced, to reflect upon situations and contexts which are historically and geographically marked by narratives of violence and repression. The impact of colonialism and ecological ruin are, in parallel or simultaneously, the backdrop of her immersive “films-poems”. Expansions or consequences of her films, her practice may also be embodied in writing, critical pedagogy, installations, film programs or ephemeral events. 

Her films have been screened and discussed in film festivals, seminars and institutions such as the Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo, Jeu de Paume, LUX Moving Images, New York Film Festival - Projections, Cinéma du Réel and Flaherty Seminar. Recent exhibitions include: 36th Panorama of Brazilian Art: “Sertão” at MAM – Museum of Modern Art (São Paulo, Brazil), “Meta-Archive 1964-1985: Space for Listening and Reading on the Histories of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil” at Sesc-Belenzinho (São Paulo, Brazil) and Matadero (Madrid, Spain). Ana is also a founding member of the collective COYOTE along with Tristan Bera, Nuno da Luz, Elida Hoëg and Clémence Seurat, an indisciplinary group working across ecology and political science through an array of conceptual and experimental forms. 

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