Ariadne Radi Cor

is an Anglo Italian poet, collage and postcard maker, lettering artist and coffee spoon collector. Parts of L’Italie L’Ondon have been published in Wretched Strangers, Boiler House Press and performed at FILL, the Festival of Italian Literature in London (2018). Other poems have appeared in Stories of Change and Cordite 47.0; her video poems have been screened in London, as part of Cameradefest and Kakania (2014), the European Poetry night (2016), the Enemies project (2015), and at the Pad, at Cinepoetry; in Bratislava, at Ars Poetica, and in Venice, as part of Crossing Voices, Phonodia (2014). Audio, videos and artworks are available on @ariadneradicor

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