Alex Spyropoulos

Alex Spyropoulos, studied classical music from an early age and kept attending various concerthalls absorbing the works of composers from Bach to Bella Bartok, Prokofiev and contemporary music.At the age of twenty he studied law in France but eventually moved to England preferring an artisticcareer while engaging in the filming world. In 1967, by a strange twist of fate, he suddenly switched to 


the Pop Music business in the midst of the famous swinging London of the 60s and soon formedthe group Nirvana with friend Patrick Campbell-Lyons, under the hospices of legendary Chris Blackwell of Island Records. Followed a series of psychedelic albums and singles with Top of the Pops “Rainbow Chaser” as their banner, encapsulating the unique ambience of the era, while the escalating warin Vietnam was being heavily opposed by the Hippie anti violence movement (Make Love not War).The music always at the forefront of Alex’s interests even today, is accompanied now by a strong desire to convey original ideas through a visual world as an other alternative to artistic creation.Once an artist always an artist, no matter the medium of choice.