In the future of animals, the punishment for humans will arrive divine.

Animals don’t hear as humans hear.

The human chews the wafer handed into its mouth that it was supposed to swallow. The wafer has no animal in it.

The Chimp looks up, makes its way carefully over to the Wikipedia page about Pan Troglodytes, to edit.

Animals as robots. The first robots.

Descartes maintained that animals cannot reason and do not feel pain; animals are living organic creatures, but they are automata, like mechanical robots. Descartes held that only humans are conscious, have minds and souls, can learn and have language and therefore only humans are deserving of compassion.

Correct on the souls part. The least defined. The most problematic.

Humans actually regard the Bonobo as capable of vice.

A mystery on the human’s face as it limps from the primordial juice.

Animals capable of resurrection and restlessness?

A story about a story humans tell themselves.

Xavier Le Roy's performance Self-Unfinished

Things obviously to be regretted in the future. The way humans educate their children. The way humans treat and consider their own planet, their own environments, their own place. The way humans treat and consider animals, as meaningless, stupid, brainless nothings. As food, to be made and unmade for a belly that might be full of whatever it likes.

What the bloody hell is this massive weapon? It protects us, splits us homidiae from the pan pongo interface. Yet we cannot know each other’s self-consciousness, let alone that which lies in the grey brain of other creatures. A funny assumption begins a history.

The octopus compared to the human. The chimpanzee compared to the human. The otter compared to the human. The bear compared to the human.

The human glad in misadventures, harsher and more ravenous than anything you ever heard, anything in all other creatures born days.

Dogs. That perpetually dogs the footsteps of humans. Dogs as a verb. Dogs a best mate. Dogs as a fetching machine. Dogs who need defending. Dogs who defend homes. Dogs eaten in China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Nigeria.

The horse nudges open the stable door. Lean on Pete watches his horse get smashed by a car. The horse was the car. The horse is considered a delicacy in some nations. Trace amounts of horse in our beef though?

Humans, the only ones with the key to chromesthesia, to autonesis. Humans owning time. Owning the future, the past.

How like humans to be so gold. How like humans to mental time travel. How like humans to pretend they care. How like humans to attach immense importance to abstract thought and language and basically ignore or underestimate or patronise the concept of both with reductive thinking, moralising, hypocrisy and righteousness.

How like animals to whisper see you in hell

How like humans to see their intelligence as distinct and not part of a continuum. How like humans to warn others of what it fears. How like humans to not recognise the sheer numbers and biomass of termites. How like humans to think what it is doing is pointless. How like humans to think what it is doing is priceless. How like humans to wake in a hard exoskeleton. How like humans to create umwelt.

How like dung beetles to be rolling dung into a ball. Scientists (humans) group dung beetles by the way the beetles make a living: Rollers, tunnellers and dwellers. Rollers form a bit of dung into a ball, roll it away, and bury it. The balls they make are either used by the female to lay her eggs in (called a brood ball) or as food for the adults to eat.

How like humans to work out ecological niches. How like humans to not believe in extrasensory perception.

Favoured by nature? Fortune refuses. Fortune showers? nature maltreats. The animal as our friend, as our enemy. The animal we are not as the erectus articulates. The living, boiling, endless magical biomass we ignore, that might show us some other thing. For even the hand of earth that demonstrates the law of equilibrium is ignored. Even the foremost law of the universe, that governs all events of vegetable and animal, that sweeps aside agronomy, taxonomy, gastronomy, anomy, bionomy, anatomy, economy, dichotomy, sodomy. Even that, even our nomenclature for the horror and the miracle of nature and its animals is ignored. Even our classification and organisation of others that live and breathe and move and think, are considered the ludic pets for us.

Even us, not formerly jelly-boned slimy belly-wriggling invertebrates. Not formerly miserable sodding rotters. Not formerly flaming sods. Not formerly snivelling, dribbling, palsied, pulseless. Not enchanted apes that gossip. Even we, we will not survive being animal.

Was the world worse when more of us were eaten by animals? Yes, for us. Yes.

The humans, the legless who teach animals running. The humans who flatter themselves. The humans who use trees to hang. The humans who use dogs to watch. The humans who use horses to drive. The humans who use fish to bathe. The humans who use birds to hover. The humans who use sharks to film. The humans who use cows to tap. The humans who use sheep to war. The humans who use bears to love. The humans who use cats to hate. The humans who use god to guess. The humans who dare say a word against animals.

The humans who look like monkeys. The humans who make faces like monkeys. The humans whose bloody faces look ugly like monkeys, when they cry, like monkeys. The humans who come with faces ugly like monkeys. The humans who orgasm with bloody faces like ugly monkeys. The humans who presume reason. The humans who know knowledge. The humans who are all tantalus. The humans who slay their offspring with affluence in thinking.

The humans who invent the insult, fully erect, bipedal evil, plumb skeletons on their Segways, taking pictures, of purest laughter.

Because the animals, who don’t just speak, but talk as though they could even think, are not capable for being embarrassed and so allow it to continue.

The animals figuring out how to remake life in spite of humans. The consideration of eyes that see, too, and can flow upon. The touch of fur, scales, feathers. Animals, the multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. Animals, with few exceptions, consuming organic material, breathing oxygen, being able to move, reproducing sexually, and growing from a hollow sphere of cells, the blastula, during embryonic development. Animals as per Carl Linnaeus, the Swede. Animals whose patron saint is saint Francis of Assisi. Can only monkeys laugh? Hyenas. No. Apes. Rats. Dolphins. Dogs. Wait, several non-human species demonstrate vocalisations that sound similar to human laughter. But they don’t find it funny.

Taxonomy eaten alive. Humans as animals, animals as non-humans. A full plate, a good companion, a sighting in the bushes, in the jungle, on the plains. A compliant bunch of ferocious faunae.