Hamlet Arakelyan

- Armenia -

Hamlet Arakelyan, born in 1995, is one of the young Armenian voices in the literary world, celebrated as both a poet and fiction writer. Hamlet majored in literature and holds a PhD degree in Philology. His works possess a meta-textual nature, inviting readers to explore layers of meaning beyond the surface narrative. In 2018, he published his debut collection of original English poems, "Tantric". His fantasy novel, "The Academy of Immortality," became a nationwide bestseller in 2022, captivating readers with its imaginative world. Arakelyan's latest work, "How sad though," a poignant collection of Armenian poems released in 2024, further solidifies his reputation as a poetic luminary. Not confined to traditional literary forms, Arakelyan's diverse talents extend to scientific articles and evocative song lyrics. Additionally, Arakelyan is a prominent media figure in Armenia, known for his charismatic presence as a television and radio host.

Through his poetry collections, Hamlet Arakelyan endeavors to elucidate and decipher the enigma of his existence, delving into the inner spiritual realm of his life—a realm that finds expression solely through poetry. It must be acknowledged from the outset that Hamlet's pursuit is not without merit. For in the realm of artistry, particularly poetry, success hinges upon more than mere inspiration; it demands mastery, unwavering commitment, and a relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

For the poet, the primary concern lies in the essence of language (much as the painter grapples with color and form), which must transcend mere sensory appeal—the hallmark of inferior literature—and instead be illuminated by intellect and consciousness. Hamlet Arakelyan's verse eschews superficiality; he is a poet of intellectual bent, grounded in his unique philosophical standpoint, cognizant of the "unconscious." His metaphorical explorations render him a "poet of substance," as his verses traverse the depths of emotional and mental landscapes, unveiling layers accessible only through intuitive immersion.

The subtle biblical undertones woven into his poetry are no happenstance, particularly evident in his shorter, more concise compositions.

"I still search for your gaze among the trees // where childhood memories linger." This perpetual "search," much like the unending dialogue within art, embodies the essence of creative pursuit. In the realm of artistry, the quest is never-ending, for it is that very quest that the poet is always after. 

— Henrik Edoyan, Armenian poet and translator