Zvonko Taneski

- North Macedonia, Slovakia, -

Zvonko Taneski (born 12 March 1980, Skopje) is a Macedonian and Slovak poet, literary critic, university professor in Slovakia and translator. He studies General and Comparative literature and was graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Sv. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In 2007 he defended his PhD. thesis on “Theory and history of Slovak literature” at the Department of Slovak Literature and Literary Science on Comenius University in Bratislava. He worked as an independent researcher at the Institute of World Literature in Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava (2007–2008). In 2011, the Commission for assessing scientific qualification of Slovak Academy of Science acknowledged his scientific qualification level IIa (senior researcher) and in the same year he received a habilitation at the Faculty of Foreign Languages FON University in Skopje, where he worked from 2011 to 2014. He worked at the Research Institute on Cultural Heritage of Constantine and Methodius in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra from 2007 to 2011 and at the same workplace acts as an assistant professor (2014–2015). From September 2015 he works as an associate professor in the Department of Slavic Philology in the Faculty of Arts at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Research activities: Comparative Slavonic studies and Balkan Linguistic and Literary studies.


Author of six books of poetry: “Opened doors” (1995, Kuboa), “The Choir of Rotten Leaves” (2000, Matica Makedonska), “The Ridge” (2003, Magor), „Chocolate in portfolio” (2010, Blesok), “Necking without warranty card” (2012, Kočo Racin) and “Waiting history” (2016, Antolog). His poems has been translated into numerous languages and published in the national literary periodicals, as well as in the foreign ones.


ZVONKO TANESKI, ASSOC. PROF. DR. (NORTH MACEDONIA / SLOVAKIA) – born in 1980. He is a poet, literary translator and critic, redactor, anthologist, doctor of Philology, works as university professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava. He is an ordinary member of the Independent Writers Club in Slovakia (since 2006), as well as of the Authors and Publicists International Association (APIA) with the seat in Riga – Latvia (since 2014); honorary member of the Slovak PEN Centre (since 2013) and a ordinary member since 2018, as well as member of several national and European artistic and scientific institutions, and scientific journals’ editorial boards. He has received many literary and scientific rewards and acknowledgments in Macedonia and abroad, such as: C. R. I. C. for young artists of the Mediterranean and Balkan countries (Reggio Calabria, Italy, 1995), “Aco Karamanov” (Radovish, 1997), “Beli mugri” (Skopje, 2012), golden medal “Poet laureate” (Manilla – Philippines, 2013), the rector plaque for his literary and scientific work (Varna, Bulgaria, 2015), “Silver Flying Feather” by the Slavic Academy of Fine Arts and Literature (Varna, Bulgaria, 2018) etc. His books: “Open Gates” (1995), “The Choir of the RottenLeafs” (2000), “Ridge” (2003), “Chocolates in Portfolio” (2010), “Tenderness without Warrant Paper” (2012) and “Waiting for the History” (2016). He has authored many linguistic papers and books. His work is published in more than 25 languages in approximately 30 countries in the world.

His poetry is very unique and enjoyable. Zvonko Taneski – appears as a proven poet... A master of efficient and concise points, "pregnant" with irony, Taneski makes a point like this: I will wait for you for 100 years, / but not more or like this: I breathe. Thank God, / didn't take everything from me. Skilled in short as well as long poems. Direct, daring, innovative. Taneski is already a profiled poetic and critical phenomenon, who incorporates precious values ​​into our latest poetry. Taneski's theoretical capital is gently "implanted" in the roots of his poetry.


The nomadic journeys and various types of life initiations that the author has completed in the last few years are responsible for that – his poetic writing received exceptional freshness, masterful nuance and high intellectual insight. Zvonko Taneski writes in the spirit of the new younger European poetry, which opens up new paths, poetics, themes, interests for poetry, and offers readers a new experience of the written word, finally freed from its own gap and that is why it is so alive and amenable to new readings and interpretations.


The poetry books of Zvonko Taneski with the coherent stylistic performance that is combined from modernist, postmodernist and self-styled lyrical manner, with the consistent micropoetic gradation of the themes of the contemporary person faced with the complex social and societal reality, staring and directed towards the great expectations, the upheavals and the cruelties in life, with the convincing exposition of the structure of the poems and with the use of effective poetic resolutions - leaves a strong impression of a rounded and individualized relationship of a poetic nature - permanently dedicated to the poetic art and the literary urge.