Pedro Freitas

- Portugal -

Pedro Freitas was born on the 31st of march in 1998 to an interracial family. Started from a young age - and due to his family - to be embedded in all types of arts. His music taste varies across a multitude of universes: from rock to samba, to R&B and hip-hop.

However, it was the latter that had the most influence on him growing up.

A Portuguese rapper by the name of Sam the Kid paved the way for his falling in love for poetry. Sam’s album “Praticamente” was the first project in which Pedro ever heard spoken poetry being performed.

After that, he too started to pave his way into the genre: participated in some spoken word poetry contests, integrated some Slams, started a YouTube channel in which he shared graphic displays of spoken word in movie form and even tried his luck in the television show “Got Talent Portugal”, which was a success.

After many years of trial and error and making a name for himself, Pedro started to grow his now business under the name of Poeta da Cidade (City’s Poet).

He developed a relationship with the department of languages of Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon and has been asked several times to help produce and perform various shows for innumerous occasions.

Some critics and interviewer opinions about my work:

“Pedro Freitas, o Poeta da Cidade, tem uma forte vontade de divulgar a poesia como forma de deixar um contributo para manter viva a memória daquilo que somos enquanto portugueses. A sua juventude, o seu entusiasmo e o seu talento deixaram-nos encantadas.” Hucilluc 2019

“Pedro Freitas liberta a poesia na cidade que o inspira: Lisboa. Aos 20 anos escreve e dá voz aos poemas de outros. Declama cada palavra com um sentido e cada sílaba com sentimento.” RTP 2018