Florin Partene

- Romania -

Florin Partene is a contemporary Romanian poet born on September 26, 1974 in the village Maieru (in northern Transylvania, near Bistrița). His first collection of poetry, Reverence, was published by the prestigious publishing house Vinea in 2007 (and had a second edition in 2009); it was granted in 2008 the most important debut prize in Romania, the Mihai Eminescu National Poetry Prize Opera Prima. Also, Reverence was awarded in the same year the poetry prize of the influential cultural magazine Cuvântul. Partene's second collection, published in 2013, is titled liber de causis, borrowing its title from a medieval Latin translation of Aristotle; it was also well received by literary critics and poetry aficionados. Partene has been invited to numerous poetry festivals. Selections of his work have been included in many anthologies.

Partene's poetry has nothing to do with the postmodern and/or post-human Zeitgeist; it is fascinated by the oracular, gnomonic, sententious art of the hermetic poets. It does not overtly confess biographical events of the author; instead, it tries to delve into those remote and unclear territories of the language where meaning has not yet taken a definite form - and where words can indicate towards much higher or much lower states of the being. His poetry is thus both uncanny and ironic, grave and playful, clear and foggy. His phrasing reminds one both of Paul Celan's post-traumatic tone and the playfulness of the surrealists. Also both like Celan and the surrealist, he means by poetry a radical gesture of saving the remaining fragments of pur humanity.