Yorgos Alisanoglou

- Greece -

Yorgos Alisanoglou (Kavala, 1975) is a poet, translator and publisher.  He studied Sociology and Political Science and completed postgraduate studies in International Relations and Social Policy. He lives in Thessaloniki-Greece. In November 2005 he founded Saixpirikon Publications and since then he has been directing and has published many titles – mostly poetry, novels, drama. His poetry has been translated into many languages, included in anthologies, and has taken part in various poetry festivals and symposium in Greece and abroad.

His most recent, book is “Playground”, Kichli publications (2016) - It has been translated in French and in Danish. His under issue book “Beehives”- it will be published by February 2021. 

Note about “Playground” poetic book. 

At the center of the Playground of Yorgos Alisanoglou, a poetic composition consisting of four sections and 58 poems, is the “pregnancy”. An immigrant woman while conceiving her son -who is also the narrator of the book- wanders the ruins of Europe and the world, recording external and internal wars, the failure of utopias and revolutions, conversing at the same time with Memory, that is, history and art. The narrator is born on the boundaries of Spring, between life and death. He tries to speak, to record what he can. Mostly, what he cannot. In the Playground, the place of the traditional poetic subject has been taken by the realm of words; a universe of diverse poetic materials depicting the bloody cycle of history; a set of fragments of poetic speech that speak of the deep trauma of war, love and writing.