Hendrik Jackson

- Germany -

Hendrik Jackson grew up in Münster. He studied film, Slavic Studies, and Philosophy in Berlin, where he lived and worked for many years as an author and translator. Since 2019, he has taught translation and contemporary German-language literature at Moscow State University. In addition to his work as a poet, essayist, and translator (primarily from Russian), he is also editor of the online portal www.lyrikkritik.de. He organizes the literary series Parlandopark and founded and directed the Akademie für Lyrikkritik in cooperation with the Haus für Poesie.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020:  Heimrad-Bäcker-Preis – „neue texte“ Essay Prize

  • 2013 and 2016: Arbeitsstipendium des Berliner Senats

  • 2008: Förderpreis zum Friedrich-Hölderlin-Preis of the city of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

  • 2007: Förderpreis zum Hans-Erich-Nossak-Preis  

  • 2005: Wolfgang-Weyrauch-Förderpreis at the Literarischer März in Darmstadt

  • 2004: Förderpreis für Literatur der GWK  

  • 2002: Rolf-Dieter-Brinkmann-Stipendium of the city of Cologne

Individual Publications

  • Panikraum – 3 Erkundungen. kookbooks, Berlin 2018

  • Provintsiya – Buchrolle über Russlands Provinz, gemeinsam dem Fotografen Heinrich Voelkel, round-not-square. Berlin 2017

  • sein gelassen – Aufzeichnungen. kookbooks. Berlin 2016

  • Im Licht der Prophezeiungen. kookbooks. Berlin 2012

  • Im Innern der zerbrechenden Schale. Poetik und Pastichen. kookbooks. Berlin 2007

  • Dunkelströme. Gedichte, kookbooks, Berlin 2006

  • brausende Bulgen – 95 Thesen über die Flußwasser in der menschlichen Seele. Edition per procura. Wien Lana 2004

  • Einflüsterungen von seitlich. Gedichte. Morpheo-Verlag. Berlin 2001


  • Wiktor Iwaniv: The automic stories. hochroth Verlag, Berlin 2015

  • Dmitri Wenewitinow: Flügel des Lebens. Gesammelte Werke. Ripperger & Kremers 2016

  • Alexej Parschtschikow Erdöl. Gedichte. kookbooks 2010

  • Marina Zwetajewa Poem vom Ende/Neujahrsbrief. Edition per procura. Wien Lana 2002

Additional Publications (selected)

  • Anja Bayer, Daniela Seel (Ed.): all dies hier, Majestät, ist deins – Lyrik im Anthropozän. kookbooks. Berlin 2016. 

mit Ann Cotten, Daniel Falb, Steffen Popp und Monika Rinck: Helm aus Phlox. Zur Theorie des schlechten Werkzeugs. Merve Verlag. Berlin 2011

SEIN GELASSEN – The Book of Consolation (excerpt)

How can I put this: sein gelassen is truly both a comforting and tragic work. The book is wide awake and sleepwalking at once; it grasps and releases those thoughts which slip away in semiconsciousness. Illuminating as it obscures. It is a book of memory which transcends memories without betraying them. It is very clear but simultaneously faded, transfigured, bedazzled, blurry, and austere. And yet it remains removed from the austerity of something which begins from the resignation that all things are one and the same. Because things are not the same. Sophisticated and wholly unsophisticated. Different with each read. It is awake and yet never awoken. It slumbers without ever falling asleep. It follows after the humblest distraction and yet stays standing when the floodtide overwhelms the river bank. It rustles, stares, blinks, and never opens an eye. Eyelids unclosing. It speaks with this voice and the other. Snow white and darkened. And it flickers so slowly the eye cannot follow suit. And Berlin keeps changing in the meantime: friends earning their money on the road, never around. The rising rent prices drive them apart, time growing short, thoughtless differences forcing their way through unhindered. No time to meet. And the same clock ticking on over the doorway of the gloomy corner shop. Now and then, word that someone has fallen ill but is—happily—already back on the road to recovery. Tickets booked, again and again.

It is a tragic work, yet it shifts like the weather: different at each moment. Constantly changing its weight, changing its form. How does it do this? I don’t know. But suddenly something reappears, this almost unrecognizable feeling already encountered somewhere earlier in the collection: a grating sadness, a weight which can be swept away with a single sigh—toneless and elastic, as if read with breath and not with eyes, a finger’s tip, a bit of wind, a feeling, that today almost isn’t…

Hendrik Jackson: sein gelassen. kookbooks 2016. 

Monika Rinck