Iryna Tsilyk

- Ukraine -

Iryna Tsilyk (born in 1982 in Kyiv) is Ukrainian filmmaker and writer. The author and director of several short fiction and documentary films, as well as the full-length documentary film “The Earth Is Blue As an Orange” which will have its world premiere at “Sundance Film Festival” in January 2020.


Also, Iryna Tsilyk is the author of the books Qi” (collection of poems, 2007, Kyiv), “The Day After Yesterday”(novel, 2008, Kyiv), “Birthmarks” (short story collection, 2013, Kyiv), “Red Marks on Black” (short story collection, 2015, Kyiv), “Such an interesting life” (children’s book, 2015, Lviv), “The City-tale of One’s Friendship” (children’s adventure novel, 2016, Lviv) and “Depth of Field” (collection of poems, 2016, Chernivtsi). 


Some of her poems and short stories have been translated into English, German, French, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Swedish, Romanian, Catalan languages, were presented at several international literary festivals and events, such as: the literary residence of LCB (Berlin, 2018), Prague Book Fair 2018,  "Poesiefestival Berlin 2017", Vienna Book Fair 2017, Leipzig Book Fair 2017, Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, Vilnius Book Fair 2016, "The month of author's readings" (Czech Republic, Slovakia 2016), Vilenica International literary festival (Slovenia 2008) and others.  


Iryna lives in Kyiv together with her husband and their son. Iryna’s husband Artem Chekh is the prose writer. During the War in Donbas, he was serving as a soldier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but he’s discharged at the moment.