Kateryna Kalytko

- Ukraine -

Kateryna Kalytko (1982) is a writer and translator. She’s an author of six award-winning poetry collections, the last of which - "Torture Chamber. Vineyard. Home "(Lviv, The Old Lion Publishing House, 2014) - is honored with the "Litaccent of the Year" award. She has also published two short books of short stories: “M(h)ystery” (Kyiv, Fact, 2007) and “The Land of the Lost, or Little Scary Tales" (Lviv, Old Liv Publishing House, 2017), which is now highly phraised by Ukraininan critics.

She’s the holder of numerous national literary awards, e.g. “Granoslov”, Bohdan-Igor Antonych “Greeting of life” prize, “Young wine” performed poetry award, “Smoloskyp” and “Blagovist” literary prizes. Her texts are translated into English, German, Polish, Armenian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Italian and Hebrew. She’s the CEI Fellowship for Writers in Residence 2015 fellow, laureate of the short stories festival Imbiero Vakarai/Ginger Evenings 2016 (Lithuania). She’s the holder of Vilenica Crystal International Prize in 2016.

She’s also a translator from the Balkan languages. For her translations she was awarded the prize of the magazine "The Kryvbas Courier" and the independent translation award METAPHORA.