Natasha Sardzoska

- North Macedonia -

Natasha Sardzoska, poet, writer, essayist, literary translator, interpreter (FR, IT, ES, EN, PT, CA), anthropologist, was born in Skopje in Macedonia on 16. 11. 1979. She has lived in many European cities, among which Milan, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Stuttgart. She holds a PhD in anthropology from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and University of Bergamo. She is Affiliated researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies South East Europe in Rijeka in Croatia and Assistant professor at the Institute for Anthropology and Ethnology in Skopje.

She has published the poetry books Blue Room, Skin, He pulled me with invisible string, Living Water, Coccyx and Pelle and short stories. Her poems are translated in many languages and published in various anthologies and literary reviews: Buenos Aires Poetry, Circulo de Poesia, Strane, Polja, Argo. She has been twice nominated for the National Award “Brothers Miladinov” at the International Struga Poetry Festival. She has won the prize from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy for best translation of the book Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. She has collaborated with the French Institute organizing the poetic soirée Les rivages de l’exil and with the Italian Embassy organizing the poetry reading Il vino è la poesia della terra and has founded the Argentine Tango Association, promoting Argentine poetry and dance in Skopje.

Her poetry readings are with performative and interactive character, combining vocal experiments, music and dance. She has performed at many international poetry festivals: Ars Poetica Festival in Bratislava: International Poetry Festival in Genova, with a-cappella singing with the French jazz singer Charlène Puyguiraud and body-painting with the Italian artist Cosimo Frezzolini; Literary Festival Scream in Rijeka; in the Museum Revoltella in Trieste; at the Macedonian Cultural Center in Sofia; at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, with the Macedonian guitarist, Georgi Sareski, in a poetry-musical recital for the Poetry Festival of Berlin; at the Sha’ar International Poetry Festival in Tel Aviv performing with sax, contrabass and contemporary dance.

Her poem Doll on Strings has been published in English and Spanish in the International Poetry Anthology against child abuse.


Excerpts on her poetry


Natasha Sardzoska is capturing the dramaturgy of the chamber space of the human existence throughout linguistic allusions of Punch and Judy show; from there comes the poetic memory with performative character and the extreme sensibility of the flash-reminiscence.

Katica Kjulavkova


Sardzoska is well established poet, a globetrotter with Apollonian-Dionysian tendencies. Her poetry is an intermedia nexus between poetry and theater play, the psycho-drama of what has been survived and felt; in her verses she reveals a sincere and fresh language.

Ivan Djeparovski


The sensuality of the flesh is perfectly intertwined with the spirituality of her poetry.

Mehmed Begic


In this poetry there is a palpitation of something raw and definite, something definitely definite, yet something that cannot be improved further on. Something perfect, authentic, truthful.

Jonathan Pollock


The poet has shred individual responses to horror in the world.

Richard Becker


Exploring poetry of the body which learns to be a body in its boundaries and studies bodies as if they were geographical maps: “You and I / two lovers / two big silences in the sea”.

Tiziano Fratus