Arne Rautenberg

- Germany -

Born 1967, Germany. Studied Art History and Literature and lives in Kiel, where he works as an author and artist. In his works, which are full of humour, he experiments with rhythms and styles, intonations and levels of language in poetic play with the forms of perception.

Rautenberg published his first collection of poetry, "neondämmerlicht" (neon twilight) in 1996. His literary oeuvre covers not only poetry but also experimental texts and his novel "Der Sperrmüllkönig" (The Trash King, 2002). Since 2006 he has also been teaching at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel and he is a freelance critic and feature writer. Rautenberg's many awards include the Poetry Prize of the Graz Academy (2001) and the Random House Prize for Satirical Literature (2002). In 2013 he got the "Liliencron-lectureship", which is reserved strictly for poetry.


His latest collections of poetry are: "gebrochene naturen" (broken nature, 2009), two collections of poetry for children "der wind lässt tausend hütchen fliegen" (the wind makes fly a thousand hats, 2010) and “montag ist mützenfalschrumtag (monday is hat-back-to-front-day, 2014) - - and also two half dark half playful collections with the titles “mundfauler staub” (lazymouth dust, 2012) and “seltene erden” (rare earths, 2014).