/ 23 June 2017

Versopolis eBook - Europe is out of joint

Versopolis eBook - Europe is out of joint

Summer reading? Beach friendly reading?

Because in summer we can't process, understand or change reality? Because on the beach our mind fries?

We at Versopolis don't think so, we know the opposite. Summer is the time for deep diving. Holding yourbreath and seeing what rarely meets the eye.

Versopolis' second eBook, entitled »Europe out of joint« is your snorkel. In it, eight European writers, poets and thinkers discuss the present of our once so hopeful community of countries.

Why is Europe turning to the Right once again? How does that show locally? Were nationalistic tendencies ever really discontinued? Is it naïve to have hope for the future of the European Union and Europe as such?

Dive deeper than you expected to dive this summer and download the free Versopolis eBook.

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