Poetry Expo 24 / 4 March 2024

Roberto García de Mesa | Experimental presentation of essays & plays

Poetry Expo 24

The project “Roberto García de Mesa | Experimental presentation of essays & plays” created in the context of the presentation Roberto’s books: Plays (selection) and Five Essays on Stage Poetry, that have been published in Greece by Romi Editions and would took place in Larissa.
According to Roberto García de Mesa “ (...) The theater of renovation, both modern and contemporary, is gradually approaching the poetry of the avant-garde tradition. (…) the best way to give dimension to the poem is through stage language. Thanks to it, everyone's imaginary utopias and anti-utopias come to the surface. The language of movement and energy in space. This is what theater really is. Thus, whatever it touches, it acquires cosmological dimensions. Any word, any movement, any poetic act, any conflict, any tension, any moment of beauty brought to the stage, applies equally to all humanity (…)”

The project is part of the subtheme Technological innovations in literature.


Exitirion: Creative Writing and Magazine

Exitirion is a birthplace of experiential writing courses in Larissa by Sotirios Pastakas; it was demanded by the students. Thus, it is a site created solely out of the love of many people for Literature. A place to share our discoveries and our writings, always keeping in mind the words of Kostas Ritsonis that "we are just the pebbles on which the feet of great writers tread".

Exitirion was born as an extension of experiential writing courses and it is logical to keep its "didactic" character with its various columns.

Exitirion is an open source digital publisher and literature magazine in Greece. In our third year we have an active engagement in presenting poetry, literature, ebooks foremost in Greek.

Nevertheless we are also engaged through various collaborations with Italian poets and digital magazines: Inverso – Giornale di poesia and YAWP, in presenting translated Italian poetry in Greek and vice versa. Currently we are presenting a series of translated Serbian writers. Also we have organized various local events  and participated in national (Thessalian Poetry Festival) and international (World Poetry Movement) events presenting authors and poets. All these actions are delivered with the constant guidance and help of Sotirios Pastakas.

The editorial team of Exitirion:

Sotirios Pastakas
Costis Papazak
Paschalis Katsikas

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