Poetry Expo 24 / 4 March 2024

When another's pain becomes yours

Poetry Expo 24

The project "When another's pain becomes yours" is a short conversation between two poets who, each in his own way, in different spaces and timelines, have touched on pain and its generative causes. However, is it the pain of the poetic persona or of the poet himself that emerges?

Poets reading their poems in order of appearance: Elias Kourkoutas, Aristea Tsantzou

Selection of poems: Costis Papazak

Translation: Panayiotis Petrelis

Music: © Evangelos Vlahakis

Visuals: © pexels.com

Production: Costis Papazak | © Εxitirion 2023

The project is part of the subtheme Mental health narratives in poetry.


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