Poetry Expo 24 / 3 March 2024


Poetry Expo 24

For a long time, we imagined an infinite poem written by all human beings around the world in all languages that could become the legacy of humankind over the years. From this idea, Universal Poem was born (www.universalpoem.com). What started as an open call appealing to each individual call has evolved into a powerful tool for cultural access and empowerment of citizens. That is why we have decided to develop an educational plan with long-term goals.

UPlaB is the pedagogical area of the Universal Poem, a project that aims to deepen our knowledge about the integration of arts, education and social development, as well as to collectively explore ways in which we can pursue the following goals:
- democratisation of poetry, reaching all kinds of audiences,
- promotion of reading and creative writing,
- the integration of the arts and creative processes as an important part of the education of any human being beyond the early school-attending phase,
- exploration of the relationship between education, arts, and social arena, along with the creation of foundational research for better practices and implementations,
- cultivation of the poetic sensibility as a starting point in relating with/to the world,
- applying our lines of work to promote cultural accessibility, social inclusion, and civic empowerment,
- creation of educational material and resources to promote self-expression, creative thinking, and mental health.

Verse by verse, through play and experience, we come into contact with poetry to discover that anyone is capable of perceiving and expressing themselves from their own creative capacity. UPLab proposes inspiration as an educational and learning method that helps us to be surprised by the world. A space in reality to look beyond through play and experimentation and demonstrate that anyone is capable of breaking the barriers that keep us away from the possibility of a poem, from the possibility of a verse, of inspiration.



In POETAS, we believe that poetry can be produced in many different ways beyond the text itself. That is why our festival, which has taken place both in Madrid (Spain) and in several countries in Latin America, gathers dance, music and of course, scenic poetry. A great number of publishing houses, artists and cultural centres have collaborated with us throughout the years, making of POETAS the real hub for poetry that is today after 15 years of existence. Furthermore, thanks to its presence in VERSOPOLIS, it also allows for the international communication and mobility of young and promising poets.