Poetry Expo 24 / 2 March 2024

Artistic development / Čuovga

A music and text soirée on Sami activism

Poetry Expo 24

Čuovga is a specially written text and music soirée on the theme of Sámi activism. The performance explores the cultural and political conditions of the indigenous Sámi people in northern Sweden, northern Norway, and northern Finland.

This literary soirée is entirely created by artists from Sápmi, and the theme is Čuovga (The Light). The music, composed by Jakop Jansønn, is based on six newly written texts. By focusing on sounds, melody, expression, and meaning, he enhances and engages in a conversation with the authors' words. The end result is performed together with a string quartet, in collaboration with Musikk i Nordland.

The texts are written and presented by the authors themselves, namely Ánne Márjá Guttorm Graven, Niillas Holmberg, niilas helander, Rose-Marie Huuva, Ánná Káisá Partapuoli, and Jörgen Stenberg. A unique group of writers, artists, and activists coming together for the first time at Littfest.

To further enhance the performance, the stage is framed by art and scenography by Lena Stenberg. The artistic leader for the project is Patricia Fjellgren.

You can watch a short presentation video here.



Littfest is Sweden's largest literature festival with around 20,000 seminar visits and over 150 invited participants during three intensive festival days. The program includes everything from international celebrities to local gems. Littfest is a coordinated literature festival with unique conversations and meetings. What you encounter during Littfest are carefully crafted seminars that follow the festival's themes, artistic ambitions, or current societal debates. The festival started in 2007 as a small grassroots festival and a counter-movement against the commercialization of the book industry. Initially driven by a number of dedicated individuals, the festival later took the form of a non-profit association.

Littfest always takes place during the weekend of week 11, from Thursday to Saturday. The main part of the festival is held at Umeå Folkets Hus, with four parallel stages. The largest hall is Idunteatern, which accommodates over 1000 people and is often fully booked.

The association currently has three employed coordinators, each working 50%, who handle the festival's program and implementation. These individuals are Patrik Tornéus, who also founded the festival, along with Erik Jonsson and Elenor Nordström.