Poetry Expo 24 / 2 March 2024

Let everything here be grounded

Poetry Expo 24

Let everything here be grounded consists of different components:

Seasonal poems, postcards and an artistic movie

A documentary about Let everything be grounded at the fesival Poetik Bazar 2023

An education kit consisting of four workshops tailor-made for different age groups, from kindergarten pupils to adults interested in poetry.

Poetic mappping: reserach. The aim of this research was to create a poetic map of spaces and voices in Flanders and the Netherlands that would form the starting point of projects at the crossroads of ecology and poetry.


Poëziecentrum Belgium

Poëziecentrum vzw is thé information and expertise centre for Dutch poetry and international poetry in Dutch translation. To achieve its main objectives, Poëziecentrum provides some services for the various target groups. First of all, it gathers documentation and information on historical and contemporary poetry to enhance its expertise on the field.  It organises and supports poetic competitions, events, exposures and workshops Poëziecentrum  publishes its own poetry magazine Poëziekrant which contains qualitative interviews, unpublished poems and contemporary topics. Poëziecentrum is also a publisher for both books of poetry, volumes, translations. It has its own shop and reception with poetry books and gadgets. Bringing good poetry to the people and support poets and their poetry are the basic lines.  Poëziecentrum is the Belgian partner of Verspolis. In collaboration with Antwerp Book City it invites Verspolis poets to the Felix Poetry Festival.