Poetry Expo 24 / 16 February 2024


Poetry Expo 24

Renaissance is a time of unity, humanism, art and science, despite Italy's divided in duchies and counties, tending to bEAUty, on which modern states were founded. Botticelli docet as the Visconti-Sforza Tarot. It's inspirational for still ongoing Re-naissanceS, where Sense and Sensibility come together in a LIT by LOVE and FREEDOM poetry. Major Arcana vexilla relived in new Stories and Geographies of the imaginary and unite different languages, help create a better future in RE (=King)/D chord.

The project is part of the subtheme Global unity and shared futures.


Laura Cristin Sheren

Born in 1954, she took part in the Basaglia "revolution" at the Psychiatric Hospital of Gorizia in the sixty-eight. Visual and multidisciplinary artist, from painting - the first love - she subsequently develops Sheren's identity through performance. (Artist) books, poems, texts, videos also produced. Early works together with illustrations of a story by A. Signorelli in "La Storia del Cantastorie" (director Zoran Lesič) shot in her studio in 1995 by Ljubliana Television, co-protagonist in the role of herself. Art residencies in Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia. Active in the mail art networks and the London Biennale, free to pursue independent collaborations. Performances, exhibitions, lectures in Mexico (Performagia4, "Handmade Identity"), New York, Helsinki, Parigi (for R. Roussel at Père-Lachaise), Madrid, Sofia; Venice, Ponza and the South in Italy. Close connection with the music composed ad hoc by Dario Della Rossa. Written words have always accompanied her journey in art/life. Among the publications: didactic and visual section in Fili di Vita (on the work of women in silk manufacturing) in 2000, about the psychologist Letizia Comba in Ogni volta è la prima volta, Marsilio in 2016 and in "Alba e Letizia" of Vite Controvento, Premio Ruzzier in 2023; memoir inFINITO aMARE deposited at Archivio Diaristico Nazionale of Pieve Santo Stefano (Arezzo),  Laura Cristin NETWORK in Edizioni Giulia. She is currently writing Sheren's Re-naissanceS Tarot.