Poetry Expo 24 / 12 February 2024

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Poetry Expo 24

My poems, which describe the meaning of life, belonging, self, identity problems, the philosophy of existence and non-existence, the similarities and differences of individual life, loneliness, uniqueness with rhythmic elements and rhyme, polysemy and word games, are a cosmic heritage describing the age we live in, a unique manifesto that reveals universal values.

"What makes me who I am? Why do we constantly desire things and how do our desires manage to change constantly? What is the self? Where does our will to live come from? Who is the other in us and what is the so-called image? Can there be consciousness without emotions? Can artificial intelligence have a will? Can artificial intelligence perform art? Can artificial intelligence write poetry? Can artificial intelligence be a poet?" In this article, while searching for answers to such questions, we will also try to understand how the poet writes poetry and how poetry makes the poet a poet.


Can Yiğit Tunçman

Can Yiğit Tunçman was born on February 21, 1985 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Department of German Teaching at Marmara University, he studied English Language and Literature at Istanbul Kültür University, and received a master’s degree in the same department at Istanbul Aydın University. He has made a big noise in Turkey with his novel Yazcan Yazıoğlu, published in 2021 and telling the mysterious story of a writer with the ability to manage letters and numbers. The book has been translated into English, German, Swedish, Arabic, Persian and Malay languages. He participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair, Struga Poetry Evenings, Malaysia Selangor Book Fair, Sharjah Book Fair and many other national and international poetry and literary festivals. 


Can Yiğit Tunçman, whose many poems and stories are featured in leading national and international magazines, continues his writing studies in Istanbul.