Poetry Expo 24 / 12 February 2024

Digital poetry app

Poetry Expo 24

PoesiaPortátil (www.poesiaportatil.pt) is a modern approach to classic poetry reading, a webapp with a modern look directed to the young and connected public, optimized for mobile devices.
Several reading and style options are available in the 2D version, and you can also try the 3D version for a Star Wars feel.
With a focus in classical portuguese poetry, we intend to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Luís de Camões, the Portuguese most celebrated author, with the online publishing of the complete collection of sonnets.
English readers please acess here: www.poesiaportatil.pt/en.html

The project is part of the subtheme Technological innovations in literature.


Eduardo d'Orey

Coming from a Social Science background, Eduardo d'Orey is a micropublishing and social entrepreneur.

After being involved in print publishing as editor of the famous magazine A Peste, leading satirical publication between 2001 and 2011 in Portugal, Eduardo lauched recently an experience in online publishing, with the webapp PoesiaPortátil.