Poetry Expo 24 / 11 February 2024


Poetry Expo 24

DESATADO is a Spoken Word project born for the II Artistic Residencies of 'La Laboral Centro de Arte' in Gijón, Asturias. Under the shelter of the MidSide Noise collective from Madrid, with its producers EzParx, Wtiza and Khalups, and with the voices of Andrelo.

DESATADO is a mixture of poetry, rap and electronica that shows that technology can help extend the reach of literary works to take them to different places and audiences, to break the solemnity and bring freshness.

It's a project of speech, rhythm, soul and expression. Of speaking. Of undoing misunderstandings in an age full of bad intentions. Of losing fear. Of untying one thing from another.

Spoken Word is the blurred line between rap and poetry. It is not subject to the rhyme of rap, it is not tied to the solitude of the poetic voice. That's why it unties itself. It detaches itself. It uses the resources to transform itself, to grow, to descend, to shake. It uses rhythm and voice. It uses words and intention.

The link we share is the draft of the project, DESATADO is working on the mastering of the Spoken Word pieces and will release the album in early March, when we will share links to the different digital platforms. 

1. tr. To untie one thing from another, to loosen what is tied. U. t. c. prnl.
2. tr. To clarify a matter, to undo a misunderstanding.
3. tr. desus. To dissolve, to annul.
4. prnl. To speak too much.
5. prnl. To proceed in a disorderly manner.
6. prnl. To lose one's shrinking, fear, or strangeness.

This is our first record: HILO (yarn). A journey from the interior to social bonds, from fear to embrace.

Click to listen on SoundCloud

The project is part of the subtheme Technological innovations in literature.


Andrés Sánchez 'Andrelo'

Andrelo S, music therapist, cultural agitator and accelerator of cultural particles. In his poetic work, he has toured venues and festivals with his perfopoetry show Poesía UZI: Homenaje a Oyetu Miramipito, moved souls with his improvisation show Poesía automágica and conquered the skies with Astroesía, his show of rhymes and stars together with Carlos González, from Astronomía Cercana. Animal escénico. He is also a member of DESATADO, selected in the Artistic Residencies of La Laboral Centro de Arte de Xixón. A spoken word, poetry and electronic project, together with EzParx, both from the MidSide Noise Collective, and whose album Hilo will be released in 2024. His last published book was Mergulhar: poesía decantada en agua de mar, published by the Portuguese ColectivoBU (Porto). Director and creator of the VERSO spoken word festival in Segovia. Artivist in the D.E.M.O. project of European Alternatives. His universe: @pipasdecoco | www.pipasdecoco.com