Poetry Expo 24 / 11 February 2024

How Long?

Poetry Expo 24

The poem, ‘How Long?’ addresses the global warming climate crisis in the first stanza and an ensuing possible desert-like scenario as the temperatures continue to rise, the second stanza speaks of our seemingly futile efforts in stemming the depletion of our ocean resources, and the final stanza is about the yearning for peace on this scorched earth (and, consequently, global unity). 

The Dove of Peace appears throughout the video because PEACE is a crucial aspect to us achieving global unity and cohesion so that we may work together as one human race to address the other pressing issues like the climate crisis and the ensuing and consequent depletion of our food resources.

The project is part of the subthemes Climate Crisis and PoetryMental health narratives in poetry and Global unity and shared futures.


Adiela Akoo

Adiela Akoo is a South African Poet, Author, and Founder of The Quilled Ink Review literary journal. She is a recipient of the prestigious DUX Award and was nominated as one of the Top 7 'Most Promising Literary Influencers' in the GBC Awards 2020. She has a background in banking and comprehensive healing and has volunteered in the position of Vice Chair of the Literacy Association of South Africa, KZN. She has also represented the Durban UNESCO City of Literature in various collaborations with other cities of literature. Adiela has been published in a variety of anthologies and journals across the world. Lost in a Quatrain, her soul-stirring debut collection of relatable, thought-provoking poetry on a journey to becoming, a journey of hope and healing, was First Runner Up for poetry in the SAIP Awards 2021. Her second collection will launch in 2024. Find out more and connect with Adiela here: https://linktr.ee/Adiela.Akoo