Poetry Expo 23 / 11 March 2023


Poetry Expo 23

In "OLD and NEW FUTURE" we make a selection from our intercultural storytelling projects and activities since the corona-outburst in the beginning of 2020, i.e. from our projects "A DREAM CITY", 'The POETRY MARATHON", "INTERCULTURAL WINDOWS" and " ALLEMAAL SAMEN - BISO BANSO ELONGO - ALLE ZUSAMMEN -  .جميعا-معا . - TOUS ENSEMBLE". With these projects we help build a new normal and new solidary society, and our way to a FAIR LITTLE BELGIUM. 

Verhalenwerf clip / Story Wharf clip: a short videoclip of 40" in which one of our storytellers says a basic text about the importance of stories. We made 12 versions of this clip, 8 of which will be presented. In each version one of our storytellers says this text in his/her mother tongue,

Once upon a time … there was a place where people read, told and exchanged stories. People came from many different backgrounds, worldviews, cultures and languages. It was a story wharf.

You find there stories older than the world, from the time animals could talk, lost stories that are repaired on the story wharf, and new stories from all over the world.

Stories everywhere and always are a basic food for mankind. They talk about good and evil, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, peace and war. They show us who we are, where we come from and where we’d love to go to.

Adnan_Tur-Spa = storyteller Adnan Yildiz, Turkish spoken, Spanish subtitles

Alta_Mon-Fra = storyteller Alta Lkhagva, Mongolian spoken, French subtitles

Emmanuel_Lin-Tur = storyteller Emmanuel Sangwa, Lingala spoken, Turkish subtitles

Hasan_Ara-Eng = storyteller Hasan Autba, Arab spoken, English subtitles

Kaia_Est-Ned = storyteller Kaia Sepman, Estonian spoken, Dutch subtitles

Simona_Slo-Por = storyteller Simona Bartosova, Slowakian spoken, Portuguese subtitles

Victor_Por-Est = storyteller Victor Florindo, Portuguese spoken, Estonian subtitles

Walter_Fra-Slo = storyteller Walter Yaw Van Looveren, French spoken, Slowakian subtitles

Photopoem "Maria's Dreams" / Fotogedicht "De dromen van Maria" / Poema fotografico "Los suenos de Maria", a poem as a series of 11 photos telling Maria's migration story.


A video short about Syrian-Belgian poet Issam Youssef, who lost his language after leaving his home country Syria and who is finding his language again bit by bit while building a new life for himself and his family in his new country Belgium.

7 Poetry posters - on each poster figures a short poem and an illustration (painting, drawing or cartoon) made or chosen for the poem.

The project is part of the subthemes Opportunity, Human and artificial creativity, Future prospects and Connect not divide.


The STORY WHARF intercultural n-pa

 Wij bouwen bruggen tussen mensen, gemeenschappen en culturen, met verhalen en gedichten als bouwstenen. 

Using stories and poems as bricks, we build bridges between people, communities and cultures.