Poetry Expo 23 / 12 March 2023

Conversations with Lithuanian poets

Poetry Expo 23

Poet Benediktas Januševičius reads his poems From where do children come from and Disabled Poem, also shares his thoughts on what is most difficult to write about, creative processes, the relationship with translations and other languages, the fascination with nature and its works that has accompanied him since childhood.

Poet Greta Ambrazaitė talks about how the appearance of the first book changed her creative habits, about her relationship with literary criticism, translations, and the newly founded Bazilisko ambasada, also reads several of her poems translated into English by Rimas Užgiris.

In this video writer Donatas Petrošius is considering whether he is more of a poet, an essayist, or maybe a football player. He also reveals why readers have to wait so long for his new book and reads some of his poems, translated to English by Judita Gliauberzonaitė and Kerry Shawn Keys.

The project is part of the subtheme Connect not divide.


Lithuanian Writers’ Union

The Lithuanian Writers’ Union is an association of professional poets, prose authors, playwrights, translators, literary critics and literary scholars in Lithuania, which unites about 360 members. The LWU is actively engaged in looking after its members and ensuring their rights and representing the interests of Lithuania’s writers in their home country and abroad. The LWU is also responsible for international program of the biggest poetry festival in Lithuania – The Poetry Spring festival.