Poetry Expo 23 / 8 March 2023

National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest presenting Polyphonic

Part 2

Poetry Expo 23

Polyphonic is a vivid interplay between the written word and moving image that brings Romania’s best contemporary poetry to life with twenty animations by visual artist Raluca Popa. Weaving together the image-making power of poetry with diverse animation techniques, the artist created work in response to poems by nine Romanian poets of various ethnic backgrounds, who use polyphony in their poetry by writing both in Romanian and their first language. The poets are Michael Astner, Andrei Dósa, Robert Gabriel Elekes, Matei Hutopila, Henriette Kemenes, Aleksandar Stoicovici, Livia Ștefan, Mihok Tamas, and Victor Țvetov.

Curated by London-based poet Simona Nastac with support from poet and editor Claudiu Komartin. Produced by the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest.

Poems by Matei Hutopila

Poems by Michael Astner

Poems by Mihok Tamas

Poems by Robert Gabriel Elekes

Poems by Victor Țvetov

The project is part of the subtheme Connect not divide.


National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest

The National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest houses a major collection of first edition and autographed books, rare manuscripts and documents, photographs, art objects, audio-video recordings, and more, reflecting Romania’s rich literary culture and heritage from past to present.


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