Poetry Expo 23 / 11 March 2023

Control Wars

Poetry Expo 23

CW is a soft machine for invoking futures that vibrate in the present and a space to find ways to rehearse transitions that bring more livable realities to life. CWL is functioning as an experimental research method and an open source game with inputs from Live Action Role Play (LARP), image theatre, auto fiction and poetry to create a space of subjective transformation and excite sociotechnical imaginaries in the making of dynamic, generative and contestational alternative realities.

For CWL PDB’21, they have opened up the design process of a new iteration of Control Wars in order to co-create, debate and deliberate over the possibilities of automated technologies in producing technodiverse futures.

Control Wars Laboratorio PDB’21 explored technodiverse futures and posthuman becomings beyond corporate and western inertias while embracing automation to restitute (and mutate) natural-cultural ecosystems.

CWL is for everyone! You are invited to see the online exhibition and join their discord community bellow or on the link here: https://controlwars.org/

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More about the Control Wars Laboratorio's projects on this link.

The project is part of the subthemes Opportunity, Sustainability, Human and artificial creativity and Future prospects.


Control Wars Laboratorio

Control Wars Laboratorio (CWL) is a part of the Satellite Activities programming of the PDB’21 Alter-Realities. CWL was held between June 2nd and July 25th, 2021 online and at Casa São Roque, Porto, Portugal. Led by Becoming Collective, CWL created a platform for participants to examine and transcend the limits of social imaginaries from a semiotic-material perspective, bringing forth new relational possibilities through the exploration of techno-diverse automation and otherkin cosmopolitics.