Poetry Expo 23 / 9 March 2023

Poetry Mesa presenting Poetry & Revolution: Iranian Women Changing the World

Poetry Expo 23

Poetry Mesa, a global poetry community serving poets and poetry, proudly presents Poetry & Revolution: Iranian Women Changing the World, a timely, important Zoom event featuring poetry readings and deep conversation with courageous Iranian poets, authors, and human rights activists, Ava Homa, Dr. Farangis Ghaderi, Dr. Fatemeh Shams, and Fatemeh Ekhtesari.

On 16 September, Mahsa Zhina Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, was arrested in Tehran for not wearing the Hijab properly. Zhina’s violent death at the hands of Iran’s ‘morality police’ has accelerated continuing mass protests across Iran, birthing the current Women_Life _Freedom revolution and the real potential for millions of Iranians’ freedom.

Poetry Mesa is honored to present four extraordinary women, all living in exile from their Iranian homeland, who have created a body of work of heart-piercing beauty and power. In Iran, poetry has anciently been the voice of the people and the voice of resistance. Join Poetry Mesa for this electrifying presentation. These are brave, daring voices that ache, soar, arouse and inspire – voices that must be heard.

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The project is part of the subtheme Connect not divide.


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