Poetry Expo 23 / 8 March 2023

elisELIS •prosto tak• presenting untitled_forever doesn't exist in red dress

Poetry Expo 23

untitled_forever doesnt exist _in red dress (2023)
Shot in: Westwerk, Hamburg (Germany)
Actress: Dong Zhou

sometimes things are not how they seem. sometimes they aare exactly what you are looking at. no hidden meanings, but sometimes they are metaphors. one day these things are nothing special, then next days it’s something you cant live without. sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. once upon a time you enjoyed it, then you stopped enjoying it. it brought you happiness but then it became a burden. nothing’s forever. forever doesnt exist.

Audio in the video is also recorded in Hamburg – it’s a sound that boat makes while shaking in waters.

The project is part of the subtheme Future prospects.



elisELIS is a psycho muse, interdisciplinary art practitioner, performer, visual philosopher, and writer; born in Kyiv, and graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, UK. The artist’s Soviet origins together with Japanese aesthetic philosophy in mind and metamodern views constantly prompt her to challenge and question the modern understanding of oneself, emotional and physical boundaries, and the surrounding world with its laws. She has a collaged way of thinking and is attracted to contrasts (in anything).