Poetry Expo 23 / 4 March 2023

Burgundy Dress

Poetry Expo 23

Burgundy Dress is a multimedia video poem created, directed, and edited by the poet and writer Marianna Nikolaou and accompanied by original music by Octavatar. The project was created to address contemporary feminine issues through self-referentiality and intertextuality.

The roles imposed by society and culture on women, marriage and parenting as societal dictations that restrict professional upgrowth opportunities and artistic expression and creativity for them, as well as female body fragmentation and fashion commands that define the gender as a pleasure vessel, are some of the themes that contribute to the project's problematic.

The creator of the Burgundy Dress, Marianna Nikolaou, having passed through multiple domains, found that this form of interdisciplinary poetic performance has the power to give women a voice to articulate their deeper wishes, needs, dreams, and desires despite the unfriendly circumstances they might experience. 

The Burgundy Dress wishes to become the motive to change, "A DRILL ON THE GLASS CEILING".

To view the author's work see the document below.

This project is part of the subtheme Opportunity.


Marianna Nikolaou

Marianna Nikolaou is a Greek poet, writer and creative writing and theatre-in-education animator for children and adults, holding creativity workshops and groups.

She has published a number of poems in Greek and international literary magazines, and has been awarded several prizes in literary contests for her short stories, poems and fairytales.

She is a PhD candidate on ancient Greek drama and its modern applications in today's education. Having also studied English and European literature and culture, applied drama, singing as well as cinema language through intertextuality and experiential learning, she is currently exploring a new way to make ends meet in a form of poetic performance.







Octavatar is a producer of instrumental music for movies and videogames. He composes, records and mixes music in his home studio. He is a proficient user of various recording softwares and instruments. After having studied musical theory and harmony, he began to work on music and recording in 2010.