Poetry Expo 23 / 2 March 2023

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival – Best Of (No. 8 & 9)

Puertopia & Wade in the Water

Poetry Expo 23

Title: Puertopia (2020)
Director: Matthew Thompson
Country: United States
Poet: Denice Frohman
Poem: Puertopia

Denice Frohman walks on a ball court, a place where you can also play solo against yourself. Poetry clip about the disaster of capitalism in Puerto Rico, the sell-out of an entire country.

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Title: Wade in the Water (2020)
Director: David Bianchi
Country: United States
Poets: David Bianchi, Joivan Wade, Llewellyn C. Radford
Poem: Wade in the Water

Dark, strictly formal performance of three Spoken Word pieces about the persistent racism in the USA. What if that old spiritual keeps having to be sung anew – Wade in the Water to get away and not be found by the white men’s dogs?

Internationals short films based on poems that show what opportunities are available.

The project is part of the subtheme Opportunity.


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