Poetry Expo 23 / 2 March 2023

elisELIS •prosto tak• presenting BodyGarden

Poetry Expo 23

‘Sometimes we are prisoners of our own bodies, sometimes of our own minds. Nature can be a powerful antidepressant and therapy. Finding balance between mind and body can be essential for someone. I feel like I can become the most intimate with myself in nature’ states the author.

Garden is a place of harmony and a place of civilised nature, correlating to a ‘cultivate’ inner world. It also symbolizes consciousness because of its enclosed environment, as opposed to an open forest. Gardens are commonly considered feminine and represent fertility and innocence.

In the video she’s collaging her nude body with the ‘garden’ cut-outs, while reading a poem, ending with the word "freedom" and at the same time leaving her body nude again - clean, untouched, free. Power is in our hands. Although freedom we take for granted, we have to fight for it.

Nature doesn't need ideologies, doesn't offer corruption and doesn't care about consumerism. Gardens follow the rules of nature, and so to grow a tree a person needs to obey by its rules. If you don't look after your garden then not much will give you fruits and flowers. The same can be said about body. A person’s body is like a garden. It needs looking after.

The project is part of the subthemes Human and artificial creativity and Connect not divide.



elisELIS is a psycho muse, interdisciplinary art practitioner, performer, visual philosopher, and writer; born in Kyiv, and graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, UK. The artist’s Soviet origins together with Japanese aesthetic philosophy in mind and metamodern views constantly prompt her to challenge and question the modern understanding of oneself, emotional and physical boundaries, and the surrounding world with its laws. She has a collaged way of thinking and is attracted to contrasts (in anything).