Poetry Expo 23 / 3 February 2023

Walking on the same path

Poetry Expo 23

The main idea of the ‘Walking on the same path’ poetry event created by the Association Alia Mundi tends to show diversity of poetic topics, thoughts and perspectives. Although different, our poets and their poetic discourses are on the same path, the path of tolerance and humanity.

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by Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar

It's so sad!
She was extremist
In her approach towards life
The coming generations will remember her
They will not forget her great work of literature
She introduced the Stream of Consciousness
In her novel very first time in literature
Her great service goes to humanity
She has done sacrifice to her love
She was an extremist in love
She has had influenced
A large number of intellectuals of her age
Her masterpiece has been casting
The great impression on new generations
This will continue till there are humans on this Earth
The work of love is a joy forever
Human beings die
But their works of love keep alive in our memory
Homer is no more but his work even today moves us deeply
We cannot cut off from our roots from our classic
Virginia Woolf is no more
But her love, her sacrifice, her work is rampant
Mankind is mortal but the art of words is immortal
The magic of words is not withering
Yes, artists are extremist
They want to create something crazy
Yes, Leonardo Da Vinci was crazy
Because he wanted Mona Lisa to keep smiling
Think, who can smile for centuries
Virginia Woolf was also crazy!
Think, who commits suicide for other's freedom
She wanted to set free her husband from her extremism
She committed suicide
After two times failures
by drowning herself in the River Ouse
She committed finally suicide
So incredible, so sad!
How can anyone rejoice and glad
By the act of suicide, very bad
I am so sad!

Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is an Editor in National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education, Government of India. He was Principal Publication Officer in the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in 2007. He is, presently, a member of Advisory Board of National Book Trust India. He is a famous short story writer, poet and critic from India. He is Graduate with English Honors from Ranchi University. He has topped Jawaharlal Nehru University in Masters with Literature. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy for his Research Work from University of Delhi. He is Post Graduate Diploma holder in Calligraphy, Mass Media and in Book Publishing with Specialization in Editing. He has begun writing his poems in English since lockdown in the period of Pandemic COVID-19. He has written around 50 poems, participated in many worldwide webinars and published in various international anthologies, so far. His poems are being published in several magazines within the country and abroad. His poem ‘The Burning Boat’ contains mystic (Sufism) and metaphysical elements. He has bagged many States and National Awards and accolades for his literary works. He has total 12 published books, 2 each of collections of short stories and collections of poems, 4 books of criticism and 4 books of translation from other languages in his credential. His one children story book has been published by a premier organization National Book Trust, India. His collection of 12 stories for children is ready to print from India. Furthermore, his anthology entitled The Burning Boat is under process for publishing, which is likely to be brought out.

by Suzanne Newman

God makes our souls, holds each one dear,
Like windows, they are see-through clear,
And all are even weight and size,
Have no skin-tone, nor limbs or eyes.
And every soul is built to last –
God’s glue’s eternal, strong, bonds fast,
And He decides whose body holds
Each soul, which He casts from His mould.

The Lord creates souls carefully,
Ensures they’re measured equally,
Each one is precious, loved and prized,
Important, valued, in God’s eyes,
And that’s the standard which God uses,
It’s only people who abuse this,
The soul’s the only thing that matters,
Our bodies house it… the skin’s just wrappers.

All pigmentation’s irrelevant,
When death comes and we’re Heaven-sent,
For on each person’s judgement day,
Skin colour holds no rank or sway.
For in The Shepherd’s Holy keep,
Are many different types of sheep,
From every background, nation, race,
Each one’s a sinner, saved in grace.

For Jesus Christ is colour blind,
Went to the cross for ALL Mankind,
And as each soul lines-up and waits,
Stands, single file, at Heaven’s gates,
You’ll notice there’s just one way in,
For all those who Christ saved from sin,
There isn’t lots of different gates,
That sort us by our wealth or race!

God weighs sin – pays it what it’s due,
And only lets redeemed souls through,
Eternal bodies have no use
For our weak, fleshy, mortal suits.
And once in Heaven, every eye,
Is firmly fixed on God most high,
All worldly measure fades away,
Where angels fly and trumpets play.

Suzanne Newman is a Christian poet who hopes to encourage others in their faith, including those who are going through similar struggles in life to her, such as cancer, depression, grief, etc. However dark the theme of her poetry may be, Suzanne always shows how God’s light is there with us in any and every situation.

by Jelena Ljubenović

On the night of a mighty and vivid moon,
I was sitting on the
terrace, on a plush
balmy pillow,
looking to a far,
toward the whitest little stars
Their rest hour was just about,
bracing a vast sky above
for man's dreams and
verses of delight
THE MOON was first
to lead the stars toward hidden magnitudes;
Thus, he spoke with his last whitish ray,
making his steps unappearable and
appearable so –
as the Twilight murmurs'
He lowered his halo
guarding his wishes and thoughts,
wandering about;
the moon isn't stubborn,
he is vivid and
On the hill of a freshly
mowed meadow
petit plants were
my dad knew their cheer
and potency,
and he didn't interrupt-
just watched them close.
My dad is like the wind,
with his eyes so close
to the flames:
souled, sprited, sensitive,

– yes, that's him
He often says
when a storm is about to set-up:
‘If you don't believe,
just look at the clouds;
I know them,
their density, shapes,
the ways they collide’
On nights of bland
scents and songs,
without bow-wows,
only a guitar makes a sound
ready to repaint the unshed
characters forgotten by the peoples
of the Holy Books.

Translated into English by Andreja Jakuš

Jelena Ljubenović is a Serbian theologian, contemporary poet and writer. Her modern poetry has been translated into many languages, including Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, English, German, Chinese, among others. Most of her poems are dedicated to her grandfather Gradimir Ljubenović, who understood, supported and encouraged every step of her literary and artistic ideas. Her works have been published across numerous international anthologies, magazines, and websites. Poetry is her necessity and serenity that is sometimes so elusive.

The poem by the Indian poet Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar, titled IN GOLDEN MEMORY OF VIRGINIA WOOLF conveys an important message that ‘Mankind is mortal but the art of words is immortal’. In this poem, he discusses the suicide as one of the social phenomena, present in every society or culture and considered as one of the problems and challenges of modern society. Recalling the case of famous writer Virginia Woolf, he actually tries to draw attention to the problems that poets and creatives (great minds) face during their lifetime. He also raises his voice against prejudices, oppression and degradation of women writers and intellectuals who are often not taken seriously or being underestimated.

On the other side, British poetess Suzanne Newman in her poem SOULS ARE COLOURLESS draws attention to divine elements in our life. She tries to remind us who we are and who created us, where we came from and what is our purpose in this life. Her poem promotes the idea of tolerance which is most needed in these challenging times we live in. Her ode to Creator is inspiring and gives hope that this world and humankind still have a chance for a decent life.

In her poem PETIT DREAMY APOCALYPSE, Serbian poetess Jelena Ljubenović conveys to readers almost mystical experience, showing all the beauty of the poetic impression. Her poem is deep, divine and sincere. It is at the same time her ode to her dad, Nature and Universe. Her poem is a vortex of subtle expression of emotions that only a poet can express. She managed to depict her petit dreamy apocalypse that is nothing less than a message from the Universe. We should love and respect our parents and we should love Nature as both are great gifts from the Creator.

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