Festival of Hope 1 / 30 April 2020


CON_TEXT was the focus of the program of Lettrétage in 2017 – a series of events seeks to address and rethink the format of the ‘reading’ . Each of the events in the CON_TEXT series was developed and realised by both an author and an artist from another artistic discipline. Working from the basis of the literary text, its aim is to develop interdisciplinary formats and thereby come to understand ‘the literary event’ as an artistic work in its own right . The usual formats of reading events, as well as the role of literature organisations such as the ‘literature house’, are thus called into question in a dynamic aesthetic manner.

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Lettrétage Berlin

Through its curated projects the Lettrétage has set innovative impulses for the capital of literature Berlin since 2006. Experimenting with new forms of production and presentation of literature lies right at the core. This particularly includes the search for new, transdisciplinary formats of literary events which go beyond the conventional “water-glass reading”.