Festival of Hope 1 / 25 April 2020

Daily Words of Hope / Daily Verses of Hope: Nikolina Andova Shopova, Vladimir Martinovski and Todorce Tasevski


Struga Poetry Evenings

The National Institution “Struga Poetry Evenings” – SPE - is a public institution which organizes the international poetry festival Struga Poetry Evenings since 1961.  Struga Poetry Evenings played an important role in the politically divided world in those times, but also continues to serve after almost 60 years as a bridge, cherishing poetry created in all the languages and promoting the values of poetry. The festival includes more than 70 events within the main summer festival in Struga and in various cities of North Macedonia. The festival’s programme includes poetry readings, thematic symposium, various debates, talks and performances, art exhibitions and many other events in purpose of promoting poetry. One of the most significant activities is the publishing of the annual festival books. Each year Struga Poetry Evenings publishes more than 15 books, promoting them and handing them out during the festival.