Festival of Hope 1 / 24 April 2020

Technological Ghost

Online screening of the 360° video poem Technological Ghost by Lucile Haute and Silvie Mexico. 

The evolution of digital technology created new relationships between body and their images. The Technological Ghost movie aims to propose to the spectator looking at it to experiment the trouble of being somewhere and not there simultaneously, surrounded by hollow silhouettes and spectral voices. 

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Coalition Cyborg

Coalition Cyborg is an association founded in 2009 by artists and researchers in art and humanities (visual arts, philosophy, aesthetics, gender/queer studies, SIC...) gathered around common issues, such as the transformation of our being together by digital technologies, the modalities of production of bodies and contemporary processes of subjectivation. The missions of the association cover: the organization of scientific events carried by its members; the organization of artistic events carried by its members; the promotion of the artistic and scientific research of its members, through the publication of printed or digital works. — coalitioncyborg.org