Festival of Hope 1 / 26 April 2020

Poetry reading: “Before the dust burns” by Swedish poet Jonas Gren, from “Antropocen” (20TAL publishing house, 2016).

Jonas Gren is a poet who urges us to think about the future, but also about humans’ place on Earth. Gren’s multifaceted poetry turns its attention to the lived and existential experience of our Anthropocene age. Gren has published three poetry collections at 20TAL publishing house.

In this time of isolation, pandemic diseases and despair, we can find hope for the climate. When human activity comes to a halt, nature starts to heal itself, giving us clues as to how we can act to save the earth.

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Stockholm International Poetry Festival

The Stockholm International Poetry Festival has been arranged annually since 1997, by the non-profit organization, magazine and publishing house, 20TAL. Here poets from all over the world participates in carefully curated performances where literature, dance, music, theatre and seminars work together. Read more about the festival and Jonas Gren at 10tal.se.