Festival of Hope 1 / 26 April 2020

But There Was Only The Wind

"Handwriting seems to have disappeared, drowned between digital chessboards and words that bounce from screen to screen. Let's not lose the magical thread that the hand creates in the bridge with thought. This thread of writing is the thread of hope. It reminds us of the breath that becomes word, the living body that does not give up." 

Marco Nereo Rotelli, 2020


Art Project

Art Project was founded in 2000 by Italian visual artist Marco Nereo Rotelli and brings together young creatives such as artists, architects, designers, poets to create cultural events and carry out projects of urban and environmental installations. Since 2013 Art Project is directed by Elena Lombardi, operating in different artistic fields, such as visual art, poetry, cinema, theatre and music. Marco Nereo Rotelli, has strongly supported this aggregation  aiming at a common goal: to encourage the emergence of a new way of making art, bringing art directly to the cities, giving space and visibility to arts as civic engagement, through direct interventions in public areas that become the object itself of the events, “concept-spaces” to initiate a redevelopment process and create a “new vision” of the spaces themselves  through a cultural service offered to the community, giving space to new talents in different fields of artistic production.