Festival of Hope 1 / 24 April 2020

Report From a Besieged City: Zbigniew Herbert in six languages, reading by Marcin Gaczkowski

We believe that an injection of the best poetry will help us all to survive the coronavirus siege, especially if it is Herbert's best poetry, because it metaphorically describes the collective experience of the whole world, in which each individual country is now fighting like a besieged city against an invisible enemy. The poems are read by Marcin Gaczkowski.


Rozstaje.art portal

The "Rozstaje" portal was created as a result of the activities of a group of translators, writers and cultural animators who operated under the umbrella of the Folkowisko Association for the Animation of Borderland Culture. As we wrote in our manifesto: "We are translators of belles-lettres from so-called Central and Eastern Europe  (...) Literary translations are among the most perfect forms of cultural dialogue, and also a good way to achieve understanding and agreement among people from different literary traditions.