Brave New Literatures 2022 / 28 February 2022

Neujahrswünsche/ New Year’s Calling

Brave New Literatures Festival

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From 2022, some of the artists who work for us and with Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature (CfL) will be with us more regularly. Burg Hülshoff will become a home for the in-house artists: Çakey Blond, Andreas Bülhoff, Mithu Sanyal, Franziska Winkler/handverlesen. Their working methods, their thoughts, their languages will significantly accompany the CfL in the coming years. Their ideas and formats will be implemented in various arts and media, in the spirit of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. They will provide us with advice and support and continue to work with us on this special place for a polyphonic literature. 

2022 rings in the CfL with the in-house artists. The CfL asked them for their New Year's resolutions, but predictions and wishes came.

1. Çakey Blond

Title: Keeping Up with Çakey Blond 

Format: Whiteboard + Audio

Language: German

Description: Çakey Blond bring us a whole list. More precisely: 100 pop cultural prophecies for 2022. So we cruise with Çakey Blond through possible weddings and Halloween parties, meet outings and other surprises, go missing or crazy. Will all these things come to pass? We are curious and will check together at the end of the year, where we can put a hook behind the prediction and where not. As always, the duo takes a queer look at things with a mixture of gentleness and directness.

2. Andreas Bülhoff 

Title: do not try to kill me

Format: Text + Audio

Language: English

Description: Andreas Bülhoff is a poet, literary researcher, and expert on post-digital texts. So it's no wonder that his New Year's resolution is to get to the bottom of writing programs. Wonder if they'll let him do that? He started with the neural network GPT-3, and the result is a short story in which a computer and a narrator talk about a death list. We no longer worry about the death of authors or texts, but instead read. 

3. Mithu Sanyal feat. Matti Rouse

Title: Otherwordly

Format: Song (Audio)

Language: English

Description: Writer Mithu Sanyal ushers in the new year with an evocation of the forces that are felt in our world from beyond the grave. Together with Matti Rouse she wrote the song Otherworldly. The poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff also becomes part of her New Year's greeting: she quotes from Droste's poem Vorgeschichte (SECOND SIGHT), in which a man has visions, that is, sees and reads the future. 

4. Franziska Winkler/handverlesen

Title: Utopian reflections into the year 2022

Format: Video

Language: German spoken language and German sign language

Description: Franziska Winkler, the director of the literature initiative handverlesen, brings a whole series of wishes with her. In all its projects, handverlesen calls for a new understanding of literature that includes not only written texts, but also visual, signed texts. Consequently, Franziska Winkler also approached deaf and hearing artists for her collection of New Year's wishes. Her question to the others: "What do you want the culture industry to look like in ten years?"

Concept: Franziska Winkler

Artists: Kaśka Bryla, Dana Cermane, Max Czollek, Rafael-Evitan Grombelka, Kassandra Wedel

DGS translation: Skarabee

Camera: Urs Mader (


Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature

Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature (CfL), the program operation of the Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff Foundation, has been working since 2018 at Burg Hülshoff, the poet's birthplace, and at Haus Rüschhaus, her later place of residence and work. Through this work, the castle and country house are transformed into open forums. Here, art becomes the starting point for lively debates.