Brave New Literatures 2022 / 28 February 2022


Brave New Literatures Festival

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in|:sta:|ge is about stages and poetry, about language and tongues, about poets and listeners!

In this challenging time, we gather authors on the Instagram playground and transform our account into your listening room. Language is painting for the ear, as the essayist Joseph Joubert said. in|:sta:|ge is your canvas!

Are you curious? Then take a seat in front of our Instagram stage every week and listen to the voices of new poetry in different languages.

Author, the future Literaturhaus Vorarlberg in Vorarlberg

The association literatur:vorarlberg netzwerk is an interface of the literary landscape of Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance region. Since 2019, literatur:vorarlberg netzwerk has been commissioned by the city of Hohenems and the state of Vorarlberg to create the future Literaturhaus Vorarlberg in the historic Villa Iwan and Franziska Rosenthal in Hohenems. The development of the house, which is currently being renovated and will open in 2024, can be followed on the website (