Brave New Literatures 2022 / 28 February 2022

Offenbarung (Revelation) / 360º poetry film

Brave New Literatures Festival

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Suburban menace and post-festival apocalypse merged into one. Real footage of  the filmmaker’s brain and upper body MRTs. You are never going to get any closer to her, she is also very proud of her beautiful liver.

“Revelation” explores what is under the surface. It shows the inner essence of things while performatively deconstructing reality. As far as I know, it is actually also the very first 360º poetry film in German.


Katia Sophia Ditzler

Born in 1992 on the fourth planet of the Betelgeuze. Immigrated to Earth immediately afterwards. Founded a protofeminist religion in elementary school and had quite a few disciples. Hitchhiked from Germany to Singapore when I was 19. 

Interdisciplinary artist working on the syncretistic crossroads between literature, music, video, performance and digital media. 

I studied a lot of stuff at different universities and learned a lot of stuff not being at universities. An uncomplete listing: Creative Writing, Cultural Anthropology, Musicology, Indology and Tibetan/Mongolian Studies, Philosophy, Film, and Gamelan music in Leipzig and Berlin (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Melbourne (Australia).