Brave New Literatures 2022 / 19 February 2022

Inner Fields: Poetry and Environmental Change

Brave New Literatures Festival

For this year's Versopolis' Brave New Literature Festival, Thraka, the organizer of Thessalian Poetry Festival, will be presenting some of the poems written for two interdisciplinary projects we have recently participated in. One of the projects is "To Wall up Cracks, to Close the Gaps", made in the collaboration with the Croatian city gallery "Striegl" from Sisak. The project was dealing with the changes in the landscape, the city, and the people, caused by the earthquake that struck Sisak. The other is "On the Coal: Poetry of Climate Change", made in collaboration with the Initiative for public humanities (University of Columbia). The project was dealing with the immediate effects of climate change on the everyday lives of people, animals, and plants.

What potential does interdisciplinary cooperation between literature and art, and literature and humanities has for raising awareness about climate change and the environment?


Alma Trauber ("Striegl" Gallery)
Dimitris Antoniou (University of Columbia)


Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou
Alen Brlek
Anna Griva
Nikolas Koutsodontis

Moderator: Marija Dejanović

The event will be held via Zoom on 22nd of February at 6PM EEST (Greek time)/ 5PM CET

Meeting ID: 794 3534 6936
Passcode: 68Ftn7


Thessalian Poetry Festival

Panthessalian Poetry Festival started its course in 2013, when it was organized for the first time in Larissa, in the context of the celebration of the World Poetry Day. Its founders are the poets Thanos Gogos , Sotiris Pastakas and Antonis Psaltis ,with the valuable help of the author and publisher Stathis Intze. A few days after the success of the first Festival, the literary magazine "Thrace" was created, which made its first post on the internet. For 7 years Thrace has been consistently organizing the Festival, while for the last three years the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Science of the Municipality of Larissa has been collaborating in its holding, with the support of the Region of Thessaly and the French Institute. The goal from the first moment was to gather new talented poetic voices in collaboration with already recognized poets; a meeting that would prove to be creative, combining enthusiasm, dynamism and experience, and would bring a renewed interest in culture and poetry in Larissa. The immediate response of the poets from its first event, its spread and the embrace from the city of Larissa seal this eight-year course, with the main feature of the unprecedented attendance of the world, which becomes even more important if we consider that it concerns a non-mass species art, such as poetry. In this course the Festival expands every year both in terms of its duration (from one day it was at the beginning it became two days, then four days and this year it covers a week) and in terms of content, which is enriched every year with poetry evenings, performances , arts interaction and social activities always in connection with poetry and culture. Also important is the opening that took place very quickly and beyond the local level, since every year tributes are made to an honored city or region, from which poets are invited to the Festival.