Brave New Literatures 2022 / 9 February 2022


Brave New Literatures Festival

In collaboration with the Met Office, the London School of Economics, the RSPB and nine other climate change partners, Tongue Fu, Chris Redmond and Liv Torc present Hot Poets – poems of agency and action for COP26 and life beyond, written by 12 of the UK and Africa’s most well-known spoken word artists, working with scientists, climate educators and engineers from leading environmental organisations and charities across the world. All 12 poems were professionally filmed and released one a day throughout COP26. 

From whale poo to wildfire, each poem covers complex, vital and inspiring scientific subjects, including: flood and fire prevention; empowering African women on the equator to plant forests; the regreening of the Sinai Peninsula; putting Forest School education on the National Curriculum; beach data as a way to leverage change in plastic manufacturing; climate litigation; the restoration of peatland; the hidden energy underground; more effective weather warning systems; and the green whale’s impact on climate recovery.

Thanks to support from Arts Council England, Hot Poets aims to prove the intrinsic value of placing the arts front and centre in the climate change conversation, reconnecting people to hope, cutting through the doom and despair, and sharing positive ways to gain agency and take action in the fight against climate catastrophe.

“Urgency and agency. Rage and optimism. Science and poetry. Mix them up well and serve on a cooler planet.”

Hot Poets’ Chief Scientist, Dr. Michal Nachmany, CEO, Climate Policy Radar

You can watch all the Hot Poets films as part of our online archive. We are also running an international participation programme starting Feb 16th 2022.

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Hot Poets

Bringing poetry and science together to imagine better possible futures.